2000 Air Bag Error Codes

Error codes flash the air bag indicator on the dash. Count the number of flashes and refer to the list below. Note: Handling the air bag system components improperly can accidently deploy the air bag modules, which may seriously injure you. Turn ignition key to LOCK and disconnect the battery for more than 1 minute to allow SAS backup power supply to deplete it's stored charge.

1 SAS control module connector poor connection (loose connector on SAS)

2 SAS control module (SAS failure, replace module)

3 Battery (voltage less than 9 volts on SAS terminals AB and Z simultaneously)

6 Driver side air bag module (resistance of driver bag is less than 2 ohms)

7 Passenger side air bag module (resistance of passenger bag is less than 2 ohms)

49 Passenger side deactivation system (OFF light bulb open, or module unplugged)

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